Paralyzed Man Now Able to Mind Write With High-Tech Machine


Sophie Lyons, Writer

A man became able to write with his mind on May 12, 2021 thanks to Stanford University’s new high-tech machine. This man is 65 years old and became paralyzed in 2007 from the neck down. He then became a patient for a new medical study about mind-writing at Stanford University.

This patient, though choosing to remain anonymous, has made history. Scientists implanted sensors in his brain that picked up neural activity which gave the patient the ability to visualize writing the letters in his mind and the computer would write them on the screen with 94.1% accuracy. These scientists have been working on this cure for over 14 years and finally made a breakthrough. At first, they allowed the patient to write each letter as he would with his hand but in his mind, and eventually moved to asking him questions, allowing him to see his responses on the screen, “which pleased him no end” they said.

This science-fictional machine is actually real! It is called the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and picks up neural signals that translate them into an algorithm that makes the letters on the screen in front of the patient. “With this BCI, our study participant achieved typing speeds of 90 characters per minute with 94.1% raw accuracy online, and greater than 99% accuracy offline with a general-purpose autocorrect,” Wrote the scientists whose paper can be read in ‘Nature’. “To our knowledge, these typing speeds exceed those reported for any other BCI, and are comparable to typical smartphone typing speeds of individuals in the age group of our participant”.

This machine is so movie-like but is shockingly real! We are making breakthroughs in world problems one scientist at a time! Let this show the world that maybe science fiction movies will come true one day!