Which was better: Online School or In person School?

Which was better: Online School or In person School?

Katie Casey, Writer

As we all know, there was a pandemic at the beginning of our school year. Let’s take a second to think about that: we have lived and been through a pandemic. Kind of crazy, right? Since we went through the pandemic during the school year, and we all had to stay home, there was online school! Yay, or not yay? It all depends on your preference. NOt only that, but we are approaching the end of the school year. Because of this, we are able to reflect on what we did this year, and what we did and didn’t like. So, let’s reflect. Which was better: Online school or in person school? 


Online school: We all went through online school for a year or more, so we have a lot of experience. There were some pros, and differently some cons. For me, I noticed that one of the pros was that you could wake up, and wear some comfy clothes that otherwise you wouldn’t leave the house in. Yay! Fuzzy sock time. Also, there was more time to sleep in, because there was no commute to school, unless you did it somewhere that wasn’t your own home. I personally did online school in my bedroom, so it was pretty easy to get to school. But with these pros, comes cons. For me, it was a LOT harder to focus, so I learned less. I did learn, but not as much as in person. Also, I felt so much less productive. Not only that, but staring at a computer while sitting down is tiring and boring. My Zoom would crash and glitch, which cost me a lot of frustrations. I couldn’t interact with anyone but my family, and that can get frustrating. I missed my friends!  Overall, online school had some pros and some cons, but for me, the cons outweigh the pros.


In person school: Some of us have come back in person, and I am one of those people. In person school is how it has been forever, but the pandemic changed everything. There are pros and cons in personal school, so I am going to start off with the pros. You get to interact with people, which is very fun and important. For me, it is easier to focus, and that is a huge pro for me. When I came back in person, I noticed that I was paying so much more attention than I was when I was hiding behind the computer screen. Since I am in sixth grade, this was my first experience walking from class to class without a line of 28 students. So, I feel as if that was important to me. Going to school felt so much more natural, as if it is how I have lived most of my 12 years. Because it is how I have lived most of my life! Of course, nothing is perfect. When you go into school, there is a bit of a cluster when attempting to not get run over from class to class. Since I am very short, it was a big eye opener for me. But, it was going to happen sooner or later. Wearing a mask for a very long time can be difficult, but you get used to it after a while. Overall, the in person school pros outweigh the cons. 


Everyone has their own situation during the pandemic. Some kids can’t get to school because there are no busses running or because of something else. Some kids don’t feel comfortable coming back or they don’t want to. Also, some kids have a different outlook than me. You found this article in the opinion section of the sun devil scoop, so of course, you came here to read about my opinion on this topic. I have one little sister, and She doesn’t go to McAuliffe. Since I live with her, I was able to see what her school did for the pandemic. I must say, in spite of everyone being a first timer to a pandemic, McAullife and all of Denver Public Schools have done a great job of creating a safe way for school, even if it means being online. My personal preference for learning is to be in person. What is your opinion?