Cup To Air To Ceiling

Cup To Air To Ceiling

Sophia Zafra, Writer

One looked like a giant ladybug. The other looked like a snowman. Others look like circles grasping onto the ceiling. But where did all these stains come from? Was someone eating watermelon, and it splashed up on the ceiling? Or a billion cherries flew in and threw themselves up and down and back around? So many questions – possible answers, so I decided to find out. 

And that’s why I’m standing in front of my Journalism teacher’s office and knocking on the door. She showed me her stack of masks galore. And then we both sat down at her desk and I asked her about the stains that covered the ceiling.

“Actually, it’s a very funny story.” She laughed. “I once had a kid in my class called Abner. And one day, he was snacking in class. There were apples scattered over the floor under his table and he had a big cup with blueberry juice. He was sipping it, not knowing that there would be a fire drill in a matter of seconds.” 

Mrs. Throndsen kept going with her story, “Right at 2 o’clock, the fire alarm rang. It was only a drill, but students couldn’t know that – only teachers. And every single student in the class jumped up and out of their seats. We all went outside and onto the sidewalk. When we all came back inside the classroom, there was bluish-purple juice all over the floor, a desk, the wall, and most importantly, to answer your question, on the ceiling. And that’s how that stains came to be.”