How to Survive a School Day

How to Survive a School Day

Hank Bangert, Writer

You wake up at 6:30 on a Monday morning thinking that you’re safe for the weekend from school. Then you remember, “Oh right, today’s not a weekend.”

In my opinion, this is one of the worst feelings to have because it slowly dawns on you that you have 5 dreadful days of school after what felt like a 30 minute weekend.


So what is the best way to get through those 5 days? Personally, I just prepare myself for the classes I don’t like as much and have fun in the classes that I do enjoy. But what is the best way to get through the boring classes? Just pretend you’re having fun. Smile every once in a while and talk a little bit to the people around you. Don’t do it too much to where your teacher tells you to stop, but just enough that you can make small conversation throughout the day. And then in the classes you enjoy, just do your work and ask your teacher to listen to music. And whatever you do, try not to get sick during classes. This will make the day seem a whole lot longer and if you go to the nurses, you might as well ask to go home while you’re at it.


Those are tips to just get yourself through the day, but what about having more fun than usual throughout the day? I would recommend hanging out with friends whenever possible. Even if it’s just in between passing periods or just before and after school. It makes it way more bearable to go through Every. Single. Day. Also sleep. Being tired makes it go by very slowly.