NBA Playoff Predictions

NBA Playoff Bracket

NBA Playoff Bracket

Avery Turbow, Writer

In this article, I will try and predict the path of the NBA Playoffs though it will be wrong and will have many errors I will still try.




1 76ers

2 Nets

3 Bucks

4 Hawks 

5 Heat

6 Knicks

7 Hornets

8 Pacers

Play in tournament


Celtics vs Hornets

Hornets win


Pacers vs. Wizards

Wizards win


Celtics vs.Pacers

Pacers win


76ers vs. Pacers   76ers win 4-1

Nets vs. Hornets   Nets win 4-2

Bucks vs. Knicks  Knicks win 4-3

Hawks vs. Heat    Heat win 4-2


76ers vs. Heat    76ers win 4-2

Nets vs. Knicks   Nets win 4-1


76ers vs. Nets    Nets win 4-2


Nets in championship



1 Jazz

2 Suns

3 Clippers

4 Nuggets

5 Mavs

6 Trail Blazers

7 Warriors

8 Lakers


Play in Tournament


Warrior vs. Lakers

Warriors win


Grizzlies vs. Spurs

Grizzlies win


Laker vs. Grizzlies

Lakers win


Jazz vs Lakers  Jazz win 4-2

Suns vs. Warriors  Suns win 4-1

Clippers vs. Trail Blazers   Clippers win 4-3

Nuggets vs. Mavs  Nuggets win 4-2


Jazz vs. Nuggets  Nuggets win 4-3

Suns vs. Clippers Suns win 4-2


Nuggets vs. Suns Suns win 4-2


Suns in championship


Suns vs. Nets Suns win 4-2


So there it is, the entire playoffs predicted with the Suns coming out on top, with their mix of offense, defense, and spreading the floor it makes them one of the most dangerous teams in the league.