Kid buys 918 spongebob popsicles


Noah Bryant eating his popsicle.

Lila Carlson

A four-year-old named Noah Bryant from Brooklyn, new york ordered $2,618.85 worth of SpongeBob SquarePants popsicles on his mom’s amazon account Though Noah was probably thrilled with the treats — which totaled 51 cases, or 918 individual popsicles — his mom, Jennifer Bryant, was put in a tough spot. Ms. Bryant, a mother to three boys and a full-time social work student at NYU, wasn’t sure how she would pay for the popsicles since amazon would not take them back. One of Bryant’s classmates decided to set up a go-fund-me to help pay.


According to an update on the page, the $2,619 goal was met within just 24 hours. As of Tuesday, it has raised $24,166 –which is more than nine times the original goal. All the additional money is going to Noah’s education and additional supports.