Taco Wednesday


Amelia Bachman, Writer

This week is Cinco de Mayo which is classically celebrated with parades, dancing, festive parties, and of course food! So, this week my family and I are going to make tacos, except instead of taco Tuesday because Cinco de Mayo is on a Wednesday this year, it will be taco Wednesday. My favorite food is actually tacos so this is especially fun for me because I get to eat my favorite food and also cook it. My family usually makes either chicken or carnitas tacos, but there are lots of other types of tacos like seafood or veggie so any of them would work. 


To start off, we get out all of the ingredients needed for the recipe and in our family we usually make all of the “add-ons” and then everyone can add what they want to their tacos. So, my mom and I each were assigned to different parts of the recipe so that we could do it faster which made me in charge of the fajita veggies and getting out the toppings. For the veggies we needed green and red bell peppers, onions, salt, and oregano. I started by chopping the onions and peppers into vertical slices to prepare for cooking. I then heated up the pan really high so that it would fully cook and almost smoke the vegetables. I added some olive oil and then tossed the peppers and onions in the pan. I then added salt and oregano and stirred them for a bit so that they would cook evenly with the seasonings. Before taking them out, we let them cook for five to seven minutes so that they are brightly colored and firmly cooked. When they were finished in the pan, I turned off the heat and got out a bowl to put them in. After the fajita veggies were done, I got out the rest of the toppings like cheese, sour cream, lettuce, etc.


After my mom and I were both finished with the taco essentials, we all got out plates and started constructing our meals. My go-to list includes chicken, beans, lettuce, fajita veggies, cheese, guacamole, and salsa. Everything came together great and this was a delicious meal to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with!