Rating Devil Fruits in Grand Piece Online

Chase Russell, writer

Devil fruits are fruits that can be found all around the map and spawn every 1 – 3 hours. Usually, you just get sukes and sukes until you give up altogether and start begging. But, there are over 5 logia Pika, Magu, Goro, Mera, and Hie.  These fruits have more special abilities than other fruits.

In #5, we have Hie. The Hie Hie no mi fruit is an iced fruit that can make ice and stuff.  This is the fruit used to overpower and beat almost every single fruit in the game.  Sadly, it was nerfed and isn’t nearly as good as it used to be.

#4 Magu. Magu Magu no mi is a magma fruit that makes lava dealing high damage. It is an amazing fruit that can deal tons of damage and be deadly to many bosses. I used to use Magu and have come to the realization that magu is only good for PVP (player vs player) if you know how to use it. In general, this fruit is in my top 3 for best fruits for bosses due to its high damage in magma swamp. Magu was also nerfed right before the update.

3. #3 Mera. Mera Mera no mi is a fire/flame-like fruit and has been in the game for a long time and is known for being very good. Many of its abilities have hyper armor and are hard to dodge or block, such as hiken and flame pillars. This fruit is amazing for combat against players and sea kings. But doesn’t really do it for dungeons and bosses.

#2 Goro. Goro Goro no mi is a lightning-type fruit that has many moves that can be useful against other players. While this fruit is mostly good for sea kings, dungeons, and players, it isn’t that good against bosses unless you are doing the corner method for the stun.

#1 Pika. Pika Pika no mi is a light fruit that has abilities that can move at the speed of light. This is shown through its combat skills and it is ultimate against bosses. This is all my personal preference.   Not as many people play this game as they would like to because it is 3 dollars.