Fantasy Basketball


Tiernan Duffy, Writer

Fantasy Basketball, I mean you most likely know what fantasy games are and Fantasy Basketball is coming to an end.


Fantasy Basketball is if you do not know what it is, where you pick the best players in basketball to be on your team and you go against some of your friends to win and have n amazing team. The way you win or lose is when you go and play a week against your friend for a week and your players based on how they play will score points. If you have more points than your opponent then you win the game and then the next week a different player and that goes on and on.


Some times people do bets and try to challenge each other in hopes of bragging rights. So they want the best team possible. You can drop players who are not playing well and pick up new players who are playing better. You can also trade with other people based on who you need. You might do very well and win most of your games which would make you higher in your bracket but if you are like me and did not do so very well then you will be ranked lower.


The Playoffs are the most important part like it is 2 weeks instead of 1 and much bigger chance of losing if you have more friends. Now If you lose your first game you are not out. You go to a losing on and you go against someone else who also lost and whoever wins that means they get 3 and the loser gets 4th and this is only if they’re 4 players. If you won your first game then you go to the championship against the other person who won which means you are one of the best teams in the league. If you win that game you are the champion and the loser get’s second.


The game is off of how well the players you chose and how good they play. It is off of a point system like if one of your players score in the game you will get a point and this is like that with all of there stats but if they get something bad like a turnover then they lose points. That is why you choose players that will play good ever game.