De’Aaron Fox’s Amazing Season


De’Aaron Fox at the beginning of the season was severely doubted being called a “Ja Morant wannabe”. Fox has quickly disproved these claims already winning 2 NBA player of the week awards. How did Fox get doubted so quickly though? His last season wasn’t horrendous why did everyone start thinking he was trash. Well, after his sophomore season expectations were high, coming out of college he was not supposed to be a great shooter but during his sophomore season, on 3 attempts per game was shooting 37% from three. Not only was he playing well but the Kings surpassed expectations barely missing the playoffs. So, everyone was expecting a big leap from Fox and the Kings. His third season though was a large regression for the kings and not a large leap for Fox, The Kings were not even close to making the playoffs even though they were supposed to develop as a team and Fox, even though he had more points, had more attempts and his three point shooting severely regressed. Fox went from 37% from three to 29% from three on a similar amount of attempts. Not only did his three point percentage dip but his assist numbers slightly dipped. With a stellar rookie season from Ja Morant who had a similar play style to Fox people began to make outlandish claims. Some people started to think Morant was already better than Fox. Many argued Fox was still better though as they still believed him to be the better shooter even though his percentages were worse.

What has made Fox indisputably better than Morant this season then? Well Fox has been on a mission to say the least this season. Not only is he playing well but he is playing all NBA caliber ball. He was having a good season, scoring 20 points per game on pretty good efficiency and with pretty good assist numbers. Recently though, De’aaron Fox has been on a tear. He earned himself 2 Western conference player of the week in March and early February. His stats skyrocketed to 25 points per game. While only 2 Western conference player of the week awards might sound not insane Fox’s play has not slowed down. He routinely has been putting up 30 point 8 assist games carrying the Kings team. When he scores 27 points now, it is not that exciting, that’s just what we expect from him now. His three point percentage is still not great at 32 percent. This is fine though because Fox is improving. Not only that but his attempts from three are the highest of his career. Usually on more volume your percentages go down but from his previous season they are going up. This also means arguably, Fox is a better shooter than his 37 percent sophomore season.

So, why isn’t there any news about De’aaron Fox right now. Fox was recently exposed to covid, so he has had to sit out 10-14 days due to covid protocol. The only question then is when he comes back will he be able to keep up this high level of play or just go back to his average level. Based on his determination, I am going to predict he will come back just as on fire. If Fox can carry on this level of play, he is no doubt a top three point guard in this league. Not only that but he will assert himself as the Kings future. Only time will tell if Fox will really come back dominant.