Amusement Parks Reopen

Amusement Parks Reopen

Finn Woolf, Writer

Disneyland reopened on April 30th only to residents of California, and many people have begun to go. Disney enthusiasts have started to go under strict covid rules.

Disneyland is opening with all the rides and normal things, food is also going to open. This is a big leap into normalcy because one of our major parks is reponing as a sign that things may turn back to normal.

Disneyland has not yet said when they will reopen to the entire public but this means that we will soon be able to go to maybe places like Disneyland.

On good news about theme parks and amusement parks near us, Eliches Gardens will be opening this summer at 43% capacity as of right now, Eliches is also open over the weekend so if you would want to pay a visit to Eliches it is open only on the weekends right now.

Rules have been put in pace at Eliches though, masks will be required, there is only 43% capacity and also you will be verbaly screened upon entering the park. Social distancing is also required.

The only time you can not wear your mask at the park is when you are on the water rides of the park. So now this begs the question what is WaterWorld doing this summer.

WaterWorld will be reopening but also with restrictions, waiting in the single line will not be allowed as well as social distancing in the lines. Some of the attractions may be working differently.

For more info on WaterWorld and Eliches rules go to these links,


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