People Need To Care About Breakfast More

Jo, Writer

Breakfast in the morning is really important for kids, but many people don’t know it. A lot of people, especially young people, go through the day without having breakfast. Many people believe that it is not necessary to eat breakfast and many people don’t have a lot of time for breakfast. For example, me! When I wake up in the morning to go to school, I never have time to eat breakfast because it’s too early and my stomach always hurts. Usually, my lunch is my breakfast. I believe that everyone should eat breakfast before doing any activity; like going to school or work. 


First, you should eat breakfast because it is important for your health. When you skip breakfast and go to school, you are doing things on an empty stomach all day long, or at least all morning. Having to wake up early and not eating breakfast means your energy will drain a lot because you don’t have any food to give you energy. 


Next, you need breakfast for learning at school or working at work. Your body and your brain are not going to function as well as they should because you have no energy or strength. When you try to learn something and haven’t had any food, you are going to have trouble succeeding. Adding on to that, Breakfast is really important because it’s not a big meal, which means you are going to feel tired if you don’t have breakfast because you have spent an entire previous night without food.


Lastly, it is important to have breakfast because you can avoid diseases. If you don’t eat, you are going to get sick, and these diseases will have a stronger effect on you because you’re going to get sick easier than people who eat breakfast every day.