McAuliffe International School

McAuliffe International School

Kylie Driggers, Writer

McAuliffe is a great school, they have much to offer for their students. You get to choose an elective class between journalism, drama, art, or others. You also get to choose what language you want to speak: Spanish, French, Chinese (there might be another one, I’m not sure). Classes pretty much everyone has: math, language arts, science, social studies, science of technology, and gym (plus the students elective and language). 

Three things I don’t like about McAuliffe/what they can change: the lunch, new schedule, and emotional support. As I haven’t gone to McAuliffe in person since 2019/2020 I’m not sure if the “hot lunch” changed or not, but last time I had it lets say I didn’t like it… I sat across from someone and she claimed the milk had a funky texture, she poured it on her tray and the milk was a jiggly slime blob, it was not even milk. She didn’t put anything in it, she opened it up and it was that way. The new schedule we got after Spring break of 2021 is horrible. They added an extra 45 minutes to everyone’s school day schedule. Instead of school ending at 2:45-3:00 it’s now 3:30-3:45. I’d understand a slight bit more if we did work on pencil and paper and everyone was in person, but no, we are on our computers for about 7 hours a day, which is very unhealthy. At the beginning of the year I would get headaches after school for being on my computer for so long, I’ve gotten used to it though. The emotional support for the students here is not good. Now don’t get me wrong, most of my teachers care very much for their students and they are kind. But I really do think that teachers need to be trained or something before they get fully hired to know how to handle middle school emotions. Middle school is a very hard and difficult couple of years for students because not only do they get separated from their friends, the work gets a lot harder. This can cause students to lash out. Some students even bully other kids and those kids who get bullied can end up with depression. On top of that there really is nobody there to support those students as an adult figure at school. Although there is a school counselor, students may have a preferred person to speak to. Also usually teachers (or other people who work at the school, etc.) will call home to the parents and tell them what’s going on, without the students consent. When the student is ready to open up to their parents, they will. They don’t need someone else to do it for them. Those are my main concerns.

McAuliffe (I personally think) is decorated really cool and keeps a good theme. The uniforms we have are pretty decent, although I do think the uniforms are really pricey for a shirt/sweater/shorts/etc. for just “McAuliffe” printed on them. I also think McAuliffe is too strict when it comes to wearing jackets from home, because the principal for your grade will come and take it from you. It annoys me because the school is either too hot or too cold because in 2019-2020 there was always a problem with the temperature in the building, and it got so cold sometimes to where you’d have to wear a jacket. But then your grade principle comes and takes it from you. One more bad thing, is that many lockers didn’t lock, mine didn’t, some of my friends didn’t, it sucked.

Putting aside the bad, I love McAuliffe there is a lot of freedom to being in the school, you’re not always held captive as you might be in other middle schools. 

I texted one of my friends asking them how they feel about McAuliffe. Addie L. says they like it but at the same time, not necessarily. It helps them academically, although they feel stressed out. Addie states that to help students feel less stressed out they think McAuliffe should put less of an expectation on their students. Calvin L. says he likes McAuliffe and if there’s one thing he can change about it, it would be the crowded-ness. Other students say they like McAuliffe too. I do agree with Addie L. that school is very stressful. But I think it is that way at most schools.

I’ll give McAuliffe a rating of 9/10 for being a great school!