NBA Going Into the Final Weeks Before the Playoffs

Going into the final weeks of the NBA the Utah Jazz is the number 1 team in the NBA. This year for the playoffs there are 2 extra play-in games to even get into the playoffs. There are going to be 10 playoff spots. Since there are more playoff spots this year the race isn’t over until the last few games of the year. There are only 2 teams above a .700 win percentage. The Utah Jazz have a 26-3 record at home. The Brooklyn Nets have a problem with James Harden suffering a hamstring rehab and Lamarcus Aldridge. On April 22nd the worst team in the league was the Houston Rockets who earlier in the year traded James Harden to the Nets only have 15 wins. Not far ahead of that is the Minnesota Timberwolves with only 16 wins. 


For how the 2 extra games work is the 7 and 8 seed play each other and the winner will play the 2 seed and the loser will play the winner of the 10 against 9 seed game and the winner of that will play the 1 seed. On April 22nd the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves were declared eliminated from any chance of the playoffs. The Washington Wizards on April 22nd have been on a 6 game winning streak and are in playoff contention for the 10 seed. On April 25 the Utah Jazz reached playoff birth. Also on April 25th Stephen Curry was averaging 31.3 points a game (most points per game this season) and had the most 3-pointers in a month by any player of all time and most three-pointers all season 273. Clint Capela was averaging the most rebounds with an average of 14.7 per game.


On April 27 the Nets clinched a playoff berth and on April 28th the 76ers and the Suns both clinched a playoff spot. The lakers are falling down because of the injuries of Lebron and Anthony Davis. The Suns have not made the playoffs in the last 10 years.