Horrors of the deep finally

Syd Turner, Writer

I sat up breathing deeply. I move my hand towards my back but there was nothing there. It was just a dream. I thought. Breathing in deeply I had the will to go downstairs. That’s when I saw here. Elizabeth, with a knife in her chest.

I started screaming. Then I saw something move in the corner. I grabbed on to the staircase to keep from fainting. 


Bright lights flashed outside. The police came busting through the door. I was sitting on the steps crying, as the got the guy. The guy that killed Elizabeth Mary. The police men picked me up. I told them all what happened, besides my dream. That seemed to personal. They took me home. I had just witnessed the most terrifying thing in my life, and I survived. Why do these things keep happening. I thought back to my childhood. My father rushing into the school and holding us hostage. That’s when I changed my name. Hi I’m Bella.