Gen-Z and the Covid Vaccine


Clara Liptzin, Writer

The covid-19 vaccine is a very controversial topic. Many are eager to get it, but others feel opposed to getting it. A new poll done by Quinnipiac University found that 36% of Americans under 35 don’t plan on getting the shot. This is nothing new though, younger adults have always had poor vaccination rates. According to a survey done by the American Academy of Family Physicians, young adults are the least likely to even get a flu shot even though they are the most affected. Among all US adults, the highest hesitancy rates are seen with ages 18-44.

Some of the reasons for people choosing not to get the shot is they are afraid of the side effects or believe the shot itself contains bad or harmful things. It has been proven to be safe and work, but many still don’t approve and trust it. People also fear missing work or school. It is important for Gen-Z to get vaccinated because they play the largest role in the spread and spikes of the virus all over.

Luckily, lots of colleges are requiring students to be fully vaccinated to come back to classes in person. Doctors and scientists are relying on Gen-Z to take their chance and get their shots.