Uber to Add Rental Program


Oliver Atkins, Writer

Uber recently announced their intention to add a rental system to their already successful taxi counterpart, where a customer can simply rent a whole car. This system, named Uber Rent, will use a valet system made up of current Uber employees over the age of 25 and have them drive the customer the car that they rented. Uber is jumping into this market after a shortage of rental cars due to companies selling their rental lineups early in the Covid-19 pandemic.


Uber is not the first company to adopt this, as their competitor Lyft has had a rental program since 2019 that is currently active in 15 states. Uber’s service will launch in DC in May, and move into more of the US as it grows. To tackle the problem of security, Uber will introduce a pin system on the vehicles to make it so only the renter has access to the cars in any way. Prices will be set by the rental companies, Uber said, and it will take a cut of the bookings, similar to how traveling booking sites operate.