Zion Williamson’s Record Setting Sophomore Year

Zion Williamson

Mac Shaw, Writer

Williamson was one of the most hyped prospects in last years, who has had a record setting sophomore year after only playing 24 games in his rookie year due to injury. Getting drafted to the Pelicans after being very hyped during his year at Duke. In his first NBA game he had a great performance and the hype continued, until the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to sports. During this time the hype had died down and when the season started back up again the Pelicans weren’t being as watched and they eventually failed to make the playoffs. Even though the hype has died down he has still had an incredible second season.

Amongst other Sophomores this season Zion has been in a league of his own. Setting point records and others records, he has had a great season. Even though he has played to such a high level, he still has not gotten the recognition that he deserves with the stellar play he has shown. He has set the most points by a sophomore in total, and this season has yet to end. He has shown great synergy with his teammates and has become a pretty good passer. Because of his great play, he is helping the Pelicans in their journey to the playoffs. He has been averaging nearly 27 points, 7 rebounds, and 3.5 assists. His other stats are not the best, but he is still a very high impact player.


Overall Williamson is a good player, and his play has stepped since last season, but he has not gotten the recognition that he is deserving of. Throughout the season he has improved and played well, but seems as though he is losing popularity. Even though this is happening, he continues to play well. His career has just started, but I can see that he will continue to improve and will hopefully do great things as a player.