Air-pods or Apple Air Headphones


Zenat Zumer, Writer

Specifically, You need to know which is which so i can describe that. Air-Pods are Apple Products that are wireless and have charging boxes that they come in, its hands free and it is very expensive usually up to 159 in the U.S and more in other countries depending on the quality.Air Headphones use adaptable audio for a customized listening experience industry. Air-Pods recreate the Apple Air headphones with good quality. Sometimes when you have an average or high sound using Air-Pods you can notice it can damage your eardrums. Using headphones it makes better sense it isn’t directly in your ears.  And isn’t creating loud noises like Air-pods. The goods of Air-pods are their quality and creativity. You don’t have string messing up the Air-Pod and it is constantly charged since its box is the charger, its Bluetooth and is tucked easily for good use.For headphones that don’t have wires as well and are wire-less you have good quality as well but not as good as Air-Pods sense Air-Pods are very expensive but worth the wait.I believe Headphones are better because i know it’s not as a good quality as Air-Pods but it is safer and comfortable.