Heather and Christina’s Relationship


Keira Vipani, Writer

Flip Or Flop stars Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack have been divorced since January of 2018 but they still come in contact with one another because of their three children that they have together. Taylor, Braydon and Hudson, who is the baby of the split up family. 


The star, Heather Rae Young from the show Selling Sunset is engaged to Tarek El Moussa. He has been dating her since July 2019 and they recently got engaged. The couple is happy in their relationship bubble but since Tarek has been married previously and has kids, they have to figure everything out with Heather. 


Fortunately, the ex wife and the fiancee get along well enough to have a system for the 3 kids. They have come down to work a schedule so that the kids won’t have to be confused when the couple has their wedding. 


Christina and Heather talk daily about the kids and say, “We communicate daily about the kids, and they’re the most important thing in the world to all of us. So, as long as the kids are happy, we’re all happy.” The only reason they do is for the kids, and as they said, the kids are priority. 


This does mean that the women would overcome any difference for the sake of the kids. It shows how much the kids mean to Heather, who is their step mom but she is making sure that the kids feel comfortable with her present and around in their lives. 


Heather says that she knows that boundaries matter and that she loves the kids and they love her as well. She also said that the kids respect her as their “bonus mom”, or in other words, their step mom. “They already have the personalities, they already had a routine. I came in after the fact.” Heather wants to know where she fits in with this split up family but it seems like she has found her spot with her fiance and the kids. 


Heather is starting a new project about her vegan smoothies and she has her own book going too. She is also planning her wedding with Tarek so the couple has their hands full. Even though they are busy, Tarek and Heather have time for Taylor, Braydon and Hudson. 


Though the exes talk almost everyday because of their kids, Christina and Tarek are not close and she will not be invited to the upcoming wedding. “You know, we support her when it comes to co parenting and communicating but that’s about it,” Young said. “We don’t mix our lives with hers. We’re supportive for the kids and that’s really it.” Heather claims that this is the end of her communication with Christina. 


Christina and Heather sent each other recipes and continue to because they found out that they share the same restrictive diet. The women also talk about their relationships and the problems they have because Christina’s second marriage ended after only two years. The ladies keep it friendly between each other but they also keep things separate. 


There have been no compilations or fights between Tarek and Christina even since they split up and started co parenting. The parents said that they have shared custody and they switch off for every holiday. There is fairness for Tarek and Christina so that the kids can have time with both their mom and their dad.