India Faces Mass Illness


Linnea Fry, Writer

As many deny getting COVID vaccines, India faces a much deadlier and bigger problem with the virus as a massive outbreak is sweeping across the country. Hospitals are being filled to the point that there are beds with patients in the hallways. As the oxygen levels in many victims of the virus decline rapidly, there is now a startling realization that there are limited oxygen tanks and health care workers. Thousands of citizens are going without treatment as their families scramble to find them room at a local hospital. India’s government is also facing mass cremations as countless people die.

India is now recording more infections per day — as many as 350,000- than any other country has since the pandemic began, and that’s just the official number, which most experts think is a vast underestimation.

New Delhi, India’s sprawling capital of 20 million, is suffering a devastating surge. A few days ago, the positivity rate hit a staggering 36 percent — meaning more than one out of three people tested were infected. A month ago, it was less than 3 percent. 

Although New Delhi is locked down, the disease is still rampaging. Doctors across this city and some of Delhi’s top politicians are issuing desperate SOS calls to India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, on social media and on TV, begging for oxygen, medicine, help. 

Experts had always warned that Covid-19 could wreak real havoc in India. This country is enormous — 1.4 billion people. And densely populated. And in many places, very poor.

As circumstances in India worsen, many companies such as Accenture -a multinational company that provides consulting and processing services- are donating money to local relief organizations and helping families across the country.

Throughout this pandemic, the world has seen death and sickness unlike anything else, but some of these circumstances are bringing the community together and showing the amount of help we can provide for those in need.