What Is the Best Book In 7th Grade


Margaret Martin, Writer

     McAuliffe students read 5 books during the 7th grade year. During the 2020 – 2021 the books 7th graders are reading are: The House on Mango Street, The Lord of the Flies, The Call of the Wild, the Narrative in the life of Frederick Douglass, and the play A Raisin in the Sun. All of these texts are critically acclaimed and have positive messages. However some of the texts have issues for example The Call of the Wild illustrates negative stereotypes on multiple occasions. This is my personal opinion on the most impactful and interesting books of the bunch, however this is just me and you might not agree.

     When it comes to story The Call of the Wild is one of the most engaging books of the year as it is a novel and has an interesting plot. The House on Mango Street and Narrative in the life of Frederick Douglass also create engaging plots however they are not novels and don’t offer some of the same excitement. The Lord of the Flies is entertaining and develops an interesting plot and characters however it is lower on my list because of the dark story which I did not personally enjoy. A Raisin in the Sun has a good plot and has important messages about history but the book does progress slowly so it sits somewhere in the middle.

     The most impactful book of the year is by far the Narrative in the life of Frederick Douglass the writing communicates an important message and the writing is great. In addition the narrative is paired with other modern voices from the unit. The House on Mango Street is also very important to learning throughout the year because it develops a diverse set of voices in learning.