NFL Draft Top Picks


Felix Ronchetti, Writer

Pick 1, Jaguars, Draft Trevor Lawrence

Trever Lawrance has never lost a regular-season game, in his high school and in his college career, and only lost 2 playoff games. He is one of the best players coming into the NFL of all time. This was not a surprising pick. As soon as the Jets won their second game we knew that Trever Lawrance would go to Jacksonville.  The Jaguars got a really good running back in the draft last year so they can have a strong pass game, a strong run game, and they can really fool people on the read action. This pick was the easiest pick ever for the Jags, and it will be a great pick for their current organization and for their teams’ future.

Pick 2, Jets, Draft Zach Wilson

Wilson is such an explosive player and he will be a great fit with the jets. The jets have a really underrated defense, and they have a great core to their offense. All they need is a QB, and Zach Wilson is your guy. His stats are insane. In 2020, he had over 230 competitions, a 73.5% percentage. With those numbers, you know his other stats are going to be good. 3,500+ yards with 35 TDs, and only 3 INTs. The Jets need a good leader and that is exactly what Zach Wilson is.

Pick 3, 49ers, Draft Trey Lance

I feel so happy for this guy. Out of High School, no D1 schools wanted him to play QB, so he decided to go to a worse school, but he thrived. Trey Lance reminded me a lot of Patrick Mahones. He can throw the ball and make players miss in and out of the pocket. Trey Lance is not scared of hits, he can really dip a shoulder, and he can run over people. Trey Lance and Kyle Shanahan are a perfect head coach-QB duo. They both love running plays under center, and Trey Lance is very good at that. Trey Lance is such a good pick for Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers.