The Wolf of Maninghigh



To get to Civita, one must take a long, winding footbridge from the neighboring town of Bagnoregio.

Kirin Davidson, Writer

The Wolf of Maninghigh

By Kirin Davidson


Our story begins on a farm in the village of halflings called Salifod. Now, Salifod sits on a mountain called Mount Joolenson. Salifod is a very well-known village. Although, that’s what makes it much more dangerous.


One day Logan wasn’t feeling like milking the cows or getting the eggs from the chicken coop. In fact, he didn’t want to do anything. He just didn’t feel right. Maybe since the sun wasn’t up or maybe even because he was so tired. Whatever it was, Logan didn’t feel right. Then Logan realized that the big feast was today! The Royals of Maninghigh were coming to town to have a party for the Prince for killing the last of the dragons, and everyone was going to be there. Logan got up and ran straight to the chicken coop and got all of the eggs. Then he ran back inside and upstairs to wake up his Mom and Dad. “Mama, Papa, today’s the big feast! Come on we need to get ready!” Then Logan ran back downstairs and started to make breakfast. 


He made scrambled eggs with toast, then started to cook some bacon, and then went out to go get an apple from the apple tree. The apple tree was a colossus tree compared to their neighbor’s, and they barely had any more space in the backyard with the barn and the tree. When he came back inside Mama and Papa were in the kitchen making sure nothing got burned while he was gone.


After breakfast, Logan did all of his chores. When he was done, he ran to his friend Jack’s side of the farm. Jack was 10 years younger than Logan, but they acted like they had been the same age. Their families each owned one-half of the farm and the profit. 

“Come on, we have to get ready, Jack!” yelled Logan “Today is the big feast!” 

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” said Jack.


Once he came out they ran to the market with money to buy some spices for the food. At the market, they saw all kinds of food like pineapples, coconuts, steak, and lots of stew. Finally, they found all of the spices. There were so many in alphabetic order. 

“We would like to purchase some spices for the feast tonight. We want those,” said Logan pointing at two nice silky black and white suits.

“That will be 20 bits for both of these suits.” requested the store manager.

“Okay,” answered Logan while he pulled out his money. “Here you go,” and he gave it to the store manager.

“Thank you.” the store manager chimed.

“No problem,” Logan answered as he and Jack walked away.


They went back behind all of the pineapples, coconuts, steak, stews, and back to their farm to try on their new suits. When they finished, they both started to cook the food for the feast.

“I can’t wait to see the Royals!” Jack excitedly said. 

“Same, what do you think they will be like?” Logan asked.

“Like gods!” Jack replied. 

“Heh, totally gods.” Logan teased. 

“Ah! I almost forgot! The prince requested lots of meat!” Jack remembered. 

“Hah,” Logan laughed “Ahh! The turkey is on FIRE!” 

Jack looked at the turkey, and it was indeed on fire! 

“Don’t just stare at it,” Logan stammered “Get some water from the well and put it out!” 


Jack ran straight for the well. Once he got there, he pulled up the bucket of water with the rope and untied the rope from the bucket. Then, he ran back inside to the turkey and smothered it with water. 

“Few, that was close,” Jack remarked.

Logan and Jack laughed for a little while, then they finished making the food. There were all sorts of things, from turkey to chicken, and chili to tomato soup. They finished at the end of the day and had just a few hours before the Royal family came tonight.