Portrait of a silhouette man sitting on a bench looking towards the sunset

Genesis Key, Writer

Blue winds

High grounds

Soar planes

And The People Walking by

Love is in the air

Roses are red

Violets are blue

 But Daisies are white walls with yellow spots

People with canes get the most help

Hunger get the world’s help 

I can get littlest help of them all

With Fire and Water

With Earth beauty and Gold

Nothing can compare to the boats of the sea

Nothing can take me back to homeland

I wish babies and children would learn the aspects of life

 I wish pzza would turn gold in the breeze of the winds

But isn’t the way of life

I can hands down dream of beautiful animals

I can hands down dream of dreams with horror

I can dream of dreams with millions of stars

I can dream of crushing the moon into millions of pieces

I can dream of making it out of life

I know there isn’t a brown flower for brown chairs in life

I know there isn’t black stars for black cars 

I know there isn’t red grass for red trucks 

But ins’t the way of life

 Trust the intuition in you 

Trust the instincts in you

Truts the beliefs in you 

Because that’s the way of life