Why DPS’s New Schedule is a Horrible Idea


Ryan Dawson, Editor

DPS has introduced a new proposed schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. The new schedule aims to give middle schoolers more time to sleep in the day, in return for the school day ending later in the day. While the Principle is a good idea, the way they are implementing the idea is simply horrible

For example, the McAuliffe School schedule would be from 9:15 to 4:40 as a normal school day. While this looks fine, as it contains the appropriate amount of school time for a student, and it allows them to sleep in, the time it ends is the bad part. 4:40 is not a safe or appropriate time for school to be ending. During December of 2020, the sun set as early as 4:35. This is before school is even out! Students getting driven home won’t be impacted too much, but people who take the bus and people who walk or ride their bike home are in trouble. Riding your bike home in the dark is very hard. In addition, walking home from the bus or from school is not safe at all. A kid alone in the dark could be a crime victim, and this new schedule makes this much more probable.

In addition, kids walking home will be home very late, as walking home isn’t exactly the fastest form of transportation. Students could be home around 5:00-5:10, which is a very late time to be home. you get less time to spend with your family before you go to sleep. While the time is made up in the morning, the kids will use this to sleep rather than using it to spend time with their family.

However, this schedule is not all bad, as it does let kids get a healthy amount of sleep. Middle Schoolers are in a stage of their life where sleep is extremely important, as it facilitates healthy growth. According to the CDC, the average teen needs 8-10 hours per sleep per day, and a starting time of 9:15 allows for that.

Overall, while the intent to let teenagers sleep in by pushing back the start time of a school has a good intent, the execution is poor as it opens students to danger while walking home as well as not letting them get as much quality time with their family.