Skiing During the Pandemic

Skiing During the Pandemic

Katie Casey, writer

Do you ski? Do you like to ski? Did you ski during the pandemic? If the answer is yes for all three of these questions, this is the article for you! For me, the answer was yes for all three of these questions. I skied during the pandemic, before it, and I love to ski. If you do ski, you have to have a pass to do so. There are two main passes: the Epic pass and the Icon pass. I have the epic pass, so this article will be reflecting the epic pass. There isn’t much more to say, so let’s get into it!


I love to ski, it’s my favorite thing to do! But, due to COVID-19, there were a few (more than a few) changes in rules. One of the changes in rules was how you get to ski. To ski this year, you had to get onto the Epic website, and make reservations. In the beginning of the year, you could find yourself on your computer for up to 3 hours attempting to find time to ski. What a pain! Near the end of the year there were less people skiing, so there were less people attempting to make reservations. Yay! 


It seems that reservations are as important as skiing. Not only do you have to make reservations to ski, but you also have to make reservations to eat. Mountain food is expensive, but on top of that, you have to make reservations too. But, there is a happy thing that Epic did because they felt bad about all of the complex things they are doing. If you bring your Epic pass to the checkout line, you get %20 off! Yay! Saving money and skiing, what could be better?


The conditions this year were pretty bad, to spite the lack of people coming to the mountains. There was minimum snow coverage, but it was still fun! If you went spring skiing, you got spring conditions. It felt like you were skiing in mashed potatoes. So, if you were going fast and then hit a squishy spot, you felt like you were about to fly forward onto your face.


Even though there was a lack of people, the lift lines were still long. But what can you expect? People love to ski! 


So, my overall opinion on skiing during the pandemic is that skiing is skiing, but there were a few aspects that made it difficult.