Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita

Sofia Ayala, Editor

Casa Bonita is a well-known Mexican-themed, entertaining restaurant that is not worth the money for the food but rather the experience. Casa Bonita was originally founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1968 by Bill Waugh. Over time, by the mid 1970s, Waugh opened up more Casa Bonita’s in other locations like Tulsa, Oklahoma, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Lakewood, Colorado and it became a chain. Casa Bonita is famous for their pink building, unique rooms, skits where people dress up like a gorilla, and their cave divers who jump from a three-story indoor waterfall. Casa Bonita is located in Lamar Station Plaza, on Colfax Ave. in Lakewood, Colorado.  During these COVID-19 times however, Casa Bonita is closed at the moment, but has no intentions of staying closed permanently and are hoping to reopen soon.

Casa Bonita has many different seating options where you can sit in many different types or styled rooms. People can sit closer to the water on the first level and have a better view of the divers and the waterfall. There are ballrooms, which makes the experience seem more fancy, and caves and ice caves that make Casa Bonita just more unique and interesting. Casa Bonita is a fast paced and sometimes chaotic environment when you first enter the restaurant, and get your seat. There are kids running around discovering all the different rooms, and playing in the arcade. However, it is a pretty welcoming place and is a family friendly restaurant. The arcade is a crowd pleaser because there games from the claw, to skeeball, to shooting basketballs, and more. It is not the biggest arcade you’ve ever seen, but it keeps kids and families entertained and has good prizes to win.

When you first enter the restaurant, you order your food right away and then get seated. You wait in a usually medium-to-long line when ordering your food and tokens, and then can be seated in a special more decorated room, on the first floor, or second floor. The workers are pretty attentive but they are also covering a lot of ground and serve many tables. Because of this it may be hard to pin down your waiter at times, but you will eventually be helped and can ask other waiters for things if needed. The workers do try their best to check on you often, get anything else you need, and answer any of your questions about the food or restaurant. They are very kind, polite, and well mannered.

Casa Bonita has a decent sized menu with a variety of Mexican dishes. Some of their most popular and favored platters are the Casa Chilada Platter for $16.45, Green Chile Burrito Platter for $16.45, and their Enchilada and Taco Platter for $16.45 as well. Some other favorites are their Taco Salad and Nacho Salad for $15.50, and their Fajitas for $23.05. In case some do not enjoy Mexican dishes they have other options like Country Fried Steak and Fried Chicken Breast for $16.45. They also have a kids menu and for $6.00 you can get a Pollo Plate or even an Amigo Burger. On top of this they do have desert, and sell Sopapillas and have Fried Ice Cream for $4.15

The few times I have eaten at Casa Bonita, I have had their Enchilada Platter, Taco Salad, and Fajitas. Time and time again, I have not been impressed by their food, and don’t enjoy it as much as I would like to. They don’t make super delightful dishes, and it’s nothing new or creative. I would not recommend Casa Bonita to others just for their food because there are better Mexican restaurants like Las Delicias, 3 Margaritas, and Guadalajara. As I said before, Casa Bonita is more for the experience than just the food.

Overall, Casa Bonita is a good restaurant with a friendly and welcoming environment. Their food is not worth the money but the money is worth the sophisticated experience. I would give Casa Bonita a 3 out of 5 for their restaurant as a whole because the people, energy, and festiveness the restaurant brings is refreshing while the food is not.