Hand Sannies

Hand Sannies

Sophia Zafra, Writer

    No one likes hand sanitizer. Imagine what it would feel like if you are the hand sanitizer. You come in bottles, and you are a tiny droplet. One big droplet is called a BG. A BG is made up of your whole family. When someone uses you, you turn invisible. 


    That’s me. My name is Dewey. My whole family and I live at a school. Every day, we watch the students at school. No one notices us, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. 


   Our home is inside the hand sanitizer machine. You can think about it as a beehive. But instead, all see-through instead of yellow, and instead of producing honey, we make hand sanitizer.  As I said, whenever someone uses us, we turn invisible. But at our house, there is a special machine, that kind of looks like a security checkpoint that you have to walk through. Once you use the machine, you’re not invisible anymore. But if we’re invisible or not, the Hand Sannies (that’s what we call everyone) can always see each other. 


    At the school we live at, the students used so much hand sanitizer, that the school had to buy more hand sanitizer machines. And you know what that means: more Hand Sannies! But there were so many Hand Sannies that it was becoming kind of crowded and cramped….


    So, the Hand Sannie builders got to work. They worked very hard. But at least with the large amount of Sannies, there were more builders! It took an entire week to build more rooms in all the hand sanitizer machines. They all used to have a total of 50 rooms, but now all have 200. Extraordinary, right? Hand Sannies always stick together, not just figuratively, but also literally.