Stella Cooper, Writer

The marshmallow candy covered in sugar is popular at Easter and other holidays like Halloween. The peeps are made by a company called Just Born who was started in 1923 in New York, they are now located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Peeps are made in many different colors and can be changed to be sugar-free, chocolate covered on the bottom, and even white with chocolate decorations. Peeps are even a cereal made by Just Born.

Peeps have influenced the way we celebrate holidays like Easter and Halloween. The Peeps are big parts of celebrating holidays so it seems fitting that you should be able to make them with the people you love to celebrate the holidays. I am going to give you a recipe on how to make homemade Peeps.


Marshmallows: 2 cups

Colorful sugar: as much as needed.

Chocolate: 1/8 of a cup

Melt all of the marshmallows and put them into a piping bag. Cut a big hole at the bottom of the piping bag. Pipe the marshmallows in a think oval towards you and then pipe a smaller oval back in the other direction. Finally, pipe the head and the beak when you take the piping bag towards you. Quickly sprinkle the sugar over the peep in the amount you want. When the peep cools pipe two dots for the eyes on the face to finish the peeps.