How the Royal Drama in Jordan Could Have Destabilized the Middle East


Rowen Vincent, Writer

Jordan’s royal family is in turmoil this week as 15 senior government officials and tribal leaders allegedly concocted a “malicious plot” against the throne. 

Prince Abdullah II, the King’s half brother, was part of the group of ministers and tribal leaders. Though Jordan’s constitution guarantees free speech to all, several people have been arrested for criticizing the throne. Whenever someone does, it is a huge deal to the nation as it is used by the government to scare them straight, to discourage any “disloyal” behavior. Something as huge as this, however, with a senior royal and several senior government officials participating in a plot to overthrow the King, has shook Jordan and its 10 million people.

Had the coup succeeded, it would have destabilized the entire Middle East, as Jordan acts as the “buffer-zone” between Israel and its all of its enemies. Jordan is surrounded by Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, all of whom want to destroy the Jewish State. If Jordan had fallen to the coup, tensions would have exploded. And it came that close- it was a wake-up call for Israel’s allies, the United States and Europe.