Is Disney World Really Worth the Money?


Roni Khaustova, Writer

Disney World and DisneyLand are popular attractions among families with young kids, but they are also very expensive. But are those places really worth the money?


I conducted my research based on the DisneyLand located in France, during summer. Summer break is the most popular time of the year for DisneyWorld and DisneyLand to be visited.


One thing you should know that it is always super crowded! Like, there is a one-hour line for a 3 minute life. The longest line I was at there took 2 hours 39 minutes. In 2019, a study showed that every day, there is an average of 57,433 guests per day.


Another thing is the cost. A one-day ticket costs $130 per person. The average family has four members, so to buy all those tickets costs $520 just for one day, and most visitors stay for a week, so for that four-person family it will cost $3640 – plus meals, hotel stays, souvenirs, and taxes – overall, that can cost about $5500 per family! You can buy a small car for that amount of money.


In conclusion, I’ll say DisneyLand or DisneyWorld isn’t worth the money. There are tons of other fun theme parks for families that way less expensive. But if your kids really want to visit Disney World or DisneyLand, here are some tips to make it more affordable: First, don’t stay at the DisneyLand hotel, but rather at a nearby hotel. Second – Don’t purchase too many souvenirs. Do like a stuffed animal and a pen for each child. And don’t buy too many snacks, either. Especially the fact that almost all snacks there are very unhealthy.