How to Survive the Hunger Games

How to Survive the Hunger Games

Hank Bangert, Writer

There have been multiple videos on your survival chances in the Hunger Games on YouTube and what you can do to make your chances better. There are multiple variables that can affect your chances in the better or for the worse. For example, how many people you encounter, if you go for the cornucopia at the start, what weapons or items you gather, etc. I think what district you are in can affect your placement too because there are the strong districts that have grown up learning very important survival skills. For instance, if you were born in district 4, you would learn important skills like how to swim, how to fish, how to make a net, and  how to weave. Or maybe you were born in district 8 or 11 which could help you learn how to keep a stable food supply and grow crops. But on the other hand, instinct can also increase your chances of survival. Instinct is either something you’re born with or is learning through practice. Another VERY important skill is knowing how to use a weapon. Whether it’s knowing how to wield a knife correctly or knowing how to shoot a bow and arrow with precise accuracy, your chances will also increase.

Then it comes to the strategic part. After you get reaped (if you do), you will be transported in a train to the capital. Where you and your “partner” will have about 3 days to discuss strategy with your “coach”. There are a couple things to keep in mind. Bigger people will probably not last as long because their metabolism is higher meaning they will need more food to function normally. That is why it is better to be 100-140 lbs as a female and 160-200 lbs as a male. You will easily get hungry when you’re in the arena because there isn’t much food in the cornucopia and there aren’t that many live animals. This is why it’s really important to one, eat a very good meal 3 times a day for the 3 days you are in the capital. And two, you will need to know which plants are, and aren’t edible depending on the arena you get placed in.

So that mostly takes care of food but what else should you strategize on? First of all, you are going to want to train yourself with at least one weapon. There is a big variety of weapons including 3 different types of knife, blowgun, bow and arrow, spear, javelin, axes, etc. Even if you master one and get your hands on it, then your chances of surviving increase a lot. It is also good to learn your opponents, learn trickery, and just increase your knowledge of what you’re getting into.

For your first move after getting risen up from the tubes, and the countdown ends, run directly in the opposite direction of the cornucopia. In the 74th hunger games, 4-5 people died in the first 30 minutes because they went to the cornucopia. That is about ⅓ of everyone in the whole arena. Your second move is to look out for people that might be getting chased. If you see someone getting chased, then loosely follow them. This is because if you find out the the person getting chased was caught and eliminated, then you can pick up whatever the other person didn’t. From there on out you just have to avoid traps, other people and keep collecting anything you can that may be useful.