“Paddington” Movie review


Roni Khaustova, Writer

Paddington is the best family adventure comedy film ever! It stars Ben Whishaw as Paddington, a young bear on a journey to find a family. 


The movie starts with an old, black-and-white documentary of an explorer on an expedition to Darkest Peru from London, England. There, he found two bears who were civilized, and taught them England traditions, like marmalade. Many years later, the two bears (One of them was named Lucy, and the other Pastuzo) still lived in the same house in Darkest Peru, but got a cub. Uncle Pastuzo always wears a red bush hat that the explorer gave him. That day, the bear family cooks marmalade, the way the explorer taught them. Later that night, they listen to “A Friendly Guide to Life in London”, when an earthquake starts. The cub and Aunt Lucy make it to the shelter in time, but Uncle Pastuzo doesn’t. He’s killed, and the next morning, they find Uncle Pastuzo’s hat.  The cub and Aunt Lucy sail to a big ship, with their luggage, and the cub is wearing the red hat. The ship is leaving for London, where the explorer said they would get “A very warm welcome” if they ever came there. The cub will sail alone as a stowaway in a lifeboat, while Aunt Lucy will go to a home for retired bears in Lima. Aunt Lucy tells him to remember his manners and find a home. When he gets to London, the cub hides in a mail bag and is taken to Paddington Station. There, he sits on his suitcase when the final train for the day arrives. A family of four, the Browns, get off. The cub waves them over, and while Mr. Brown doesn’t like him, Ms. Brown lets him stay for a night at their house. At the Browns’, he gets into a huge mess in the bathroom, and sleeps in the attic, where he tells Aunt Lucy in a letter about the Browns. Mr. Brown is a risk analyst, and says that a bear in the house increases the chance of fatality by 4000%. Ms. Brown illustrates adventure novels, her latest one being set in the sewers underneath London, but is stuck because she can’t imagine what her hero will look like. Judy, the oldest Brown kid, suffers from embarrassment. She is seeing a guy named Tony, but is too embarrassed to bring him home. She is learning Chinese so she can run away from home and start a small business. Jonathan is Judy’s younger brother. When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut. Last year he built a pair of rocket boots, and ended up in the hospital, and now he is allowed to only play with Mr. Brown’s old toys. They live with an old relative called Ms. Bird, who’s husband was in the Navy, and she likes everything ship-shape. But there is also trouble in the city. Millicent is the director of taxidermy in the History Museum, and wants nothing more than to stuff Paddington. Mr. Brown does not want to keep Paddington, so the Browns try to find the explorer so Paddington could live with him.


I loved this movie because of the funny parts like the bathroom flooding, and Mr. Brown disguising as a woman. Also, there is a lot of action like when Millicent is chasing Paddington with a gun through the museum. I absolutely loved the twist about Millicent and the explorer.


I would rate it 5/5.