Friends Can be Heros Too


Jayda Galvan, Writer

“You’re working late tonight?” Jane asks. I nod and sigh. 

“Yep. Boss has me working late tonight. Says he needs some last-minute work for me to finish. I hope you can stay.” I say smiling. 

“I’ll be here tomorrow, Lea. Don’t work too late! You know how the streets get.” She smiles and waves me goodbye. Jane and I met on my first day of work. We work as journalists on a full-time job that doesn’t pay us enough. But it’s what we do. And we both believe once you start doing something you like, it’s all of a sudden your life’s work. 

Two hours later, I’m still working. I check the clock and it’s 10:47 PM. I yawn and start packing my stuff. We have huge conferences tomorrow, and a writer needs to get her sleep. As I pack up, I hear someone walking downstairs. I think it’s my boss coming to check his office which he does every night, but when I call out his name, he doesn’t answer. 

“Hello? Dave is that you?” I ask. I stop what I’m doing and try and listen for an answer. The walking stops and then starts again. I get the pepper spray out of my bag and turn my lamp off. I leave my bag on my desk and hide behind a wall. I hear the person open drawers and ruffle through papers and notebooks. I slowly walk around as I grab my phone out of my pocket and call Jane. Straight to voicemail. I try calling Dave; straight to voicemail too. At this point, my breathing gets hard, and my only idea is to jump off a two-story-high window. But then, I hear the person walking upstairs. They start humming a familiar song. Then I know. 

“Ring.. around the Rosie… pockets full of posie…ashes, ashes, we all…fall down.” I shiver as the voice gets closer. I hear the man look in my bag and find my taser as well. 

“Well, look at that… Lea… I know you’re here. So come out, before I come and find you. And it’ll be very bad once I find you.” Then, at the worst time, my phone rings. It’s Jane. I cover my mouth as my breathing gets harsh and a tear falls down my face. 

“Found ya!” He says. I look into his face as he grabs my arms and throws me on the floor. 

“Please, please don’t do this. D-do you want money? I can give you money…” He laughs as he picks me up. 

“Oh, Lea. I don’t want your filthy money! I want you to suffer. Just like you made me suffer. I want you to hurt as I hurt.” Then I knew. It was my brother. The brother that I tried to take three years ago. The brother I locked in my house for months. 

“J-Jason, listen, I-I love you, okay? I would never hurt you. Please don’t do this. I did it for you. They were hurting you, Jason! I needed to help you.” He looks at me as spit comes out his mouth. His pupils are huge and his face is a hot red color. 

“You never helped me. You weren’t even close. YOU’RE A MONSTER.” He yells 

“STOP RIGHT THERE,” a familiar voice says. I turn my head and it’s Jane. I sigh, but I’m too terrified to smile at her. 

“You let her go right now or help me lord I will push you out that thin glass window. And you’ll hit the floor before you can even push a word out your mouth.” He lets me run past her as he sprints out of the building. Tears come out of my eyes so hard I think it’s the first time I was blind for a second. I run and hug her as I cry and laugh, thankful that she’s there to save me. 

“H-how did you know?” I asked. 

“Well, I was about to leave but decided to wait for you outside in my car. I keep hearing about burglars on the loose and wanted to make sure you got home okay. I took a power nap and then woke up to an unfamiliar figure breaking in through the door. I rushed in and left my phone in my car. I came in with my fists ready, and now, here I am.” I smile and hug her tighter. 

“Oh, what would I do without you, Jane.”