NBA Trade Deadline


Tiernan Duffy, Writer

The NBA Trade is one of the most heart breaking and team changing thing you could have in any sport. The Trade deadline ended on March 25, 2021.


The NBA trade can have some advantages for one team more than another. Like, The Nuggets this year got Aaron Gordan who is one of the best dunkers of all time and is already showing he is very good. NBA teams sometimes choose to either start their team from scratch and make trades to rebuild and make their team be better. Those teams usually don’t win the championship or go far in the playoffs. Or they make their teams very strong like the L.A Lakers did when they sent like 4 players for them to get Anthony Davis and they win the championship the next year.


Some trades this year that was big was Ronjo Rondo, Lamarcus Aldrigde (retired) and  Blake Griffin. These trades might change some teams even though they are old and not as good as they are anymore. But, Ronjo Rondo is a good supporting play and can spread the ball around. lamarcus Aldridge even though he retired on Thursday April 15th, he was a good power forward. Blake Griffin is most likely a name you have not heard in a long time, but, he is also a good power forward who can play offense and defense very good.

Those are only some Trades but they might be enough to change a team like the Nuggets.