Jalen Sugss or Cade Cunningham


Felix Hillhouse, Writer

Jalen Suggs and Cade Cunningham are considered by most to be the top draft pick choices in the 2021 NBA draft. Suggs is an incredible versatile defender and a willing passer. He is very efficient but has to work on his three point shooting. At the beginning of the season everyone had Cade Cunningham going first in the NBA draft undisputed. After a stellar season Suggs rivaled Cunningham for the number one pick in the draft. People believe Suggs is the better all around player in the draft. While he may not be a better shooter than Cunningham he is a willing passer who excels in defense being probably his best attribute and a good rebounder although Cunningham and his numbers are very similar. Most people probably have Suggs surpassing Cunningham though because of how incredible Gonzaga’s season was going undefeated throughout the season until losing in the National championship to Baylor. While they may have been dominated in the championship by Baylor that shouldn’t take away from their dominant season. So, people think Suggs played well against great competition and won a lot while Cunningham, although he was dominant, played against worse competition and didn’t even win as much. A counter argument to this though is that Jalen had better talent around him as Gonzaga is known for developing people into great players while Cade went to a non-powerhouse team basically having to carry his Oklahoma state team for them to win any games. With this opposing teams could key in on Cade Cunningham but he still averaged insane numbers and almost won the Big 12 championship.

So, Jalen Suggs or Cade Cunningham well it depends on the team. It is very likely Cunningham will go first just from all the hype surrounding him but if the TImberwolves do get the first pick, Suggs would be the better fit. Many people say when you have a generational talent like Cunningham on the board you take him no matter the fit, but I think if you take Cunningham you basically have to give up on Edwards. Both Cunningham and Edwards are score first minded guards which would not mesh well together. On top of that the TImberwolves have a combo guard, not even a playmaking guard in D’angelo Russel already. While you could put Cunningham at the 4 because he is a big guard that means you have 3 ball dominant guards who are mainly focused on scoring all on the court at the same time. This isn’t even mentioning the touches you have to give KAT every game. If you pick up Suggs at least you will have some playmaking and a great defensive player. You can’t keep three ball dominant scorers happy but if you leave that to 2 ball dominant scorers with a playmaker that will let the scores that are doing well get more touches.

If the TImberwolves do get the first pick, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pick Cunningham, he isn’t a horrible pick, you know picking him you get a lot of upside. He has the potential to be a superstar. Suggs does too though, and he has the fit, while he might be harder to fit into the starting lineup and maintain height he still fits really well with this team. He adds much needed perimeter defense at the guard spot and is a willing passer to those who are dominating. With the TImberwolves already having so many scorers, Suggs seems like the more obvious choice. Whatever the TImberwolves pick though, will surely succeed.