New Jersey Town Raises $2,000 Tip for a Server


Cordelia Peterson, Writer

A small town in New Jersey came together and raised $2,000 for a server named Beth who received a rude note from a customer and no tip on April 7 2021.
The Glenbrook Brewery had just reopened in February and was taking many COVID precautions. Since they couldn’t seat full capacity they put a 90 minute limit on customers dining. This way they could try and make closer to the regular amount of money.
A customer had reached their 90 minute limit and so the server went over to ask them politely to wrap up. They seemed frustrated but Beth didn’t think anything of it. Beth brought the check and when she went to pick it up she saw a rude note.
“I’m sorry the server gets screwed on this,” the diners on the $86 bill. “Don’t kick paying customers out after 90 mins.” And they left a “ZERO” on the tip line.
Beth is a nurse who is just trying to make a little money from two jobs to have a house to sleep in and food on the table. In addition she is trying to put herself through a doctorate program.
Her boss Traver said, “She is working towards that, she is a really hard worker and a sweet girl. It hurts a little extra because she is outstanding.”
Someone posted the story on Facebook and at some point a GoFundMe was set up. For some reason donations just started pouring in.
The entire restaurant is very grateful for the support. It was so nice for them knowing that there are people that are there to help during this hard time.