Alabama and Georgia Suffer From Devastating Tornado

Kairine Brown, Writer

A single tornado traveled across 100 miles through Alabama and Georgia leaving at least 6 dead and unbelievable wreckage on March 25th and 26th. Officials are still trying to attain the ruins of the horrid event. The tornado struck houses, power lines, and tore up roads. The day before the tornado struck, there were 24 tornado warnings from the Weather Storm Prediction Center as there was a lot of rain and hail the day beforehand. Officials such as the police worked hard Thursday and Friday clearing roads and sidewalks of debris, looking for dead or injured in houses. Search and rescue crews were then sent, finding five more dead between Birmingham and the Georgia state lines. Utility crews were also working around the clock clearing downed power lines in debris and trees. A sheriff, John Samaniego, “Our attention is faced toward finding and getting those in emergency medical needs to where they need to be.” The tornado was said to have touched ground at around midnight of the 24th. Along with this tornado, according to the National Weather Service, there was about 1,000 tornadoes in 2020 and 76 deaths along with these tragic events. 

In Trussville, Alabama, Hannah Carter decided to stay in the protection of her home, along with her children, husband, and dog. They hid in a closet and put helmets on. Her house ended up being fine but the tornado was only about two streets away from her house. Her experience was similar to another tornado again only a few blocks from her house in 2011. In Birmingham, James Spann was at work when the tornado hit. He was texting his wife only to find out that the crisis had ripped through their house, but his wife was fine. In all, the tornado covered about 100 miles, ripping through Georgia and Alabama and killing 10 or more.