Fault Line Cake


Amelia Bachman, Writer

Throughout all of the months of the year, I definitely know more people with birthdays in April than any other month, including my own and my mom’s birthday. So, we of course celebrated with cake however because my birthday was on Easter this year and we were out of town, we couldn’t make a cake or get a really high-quality cake from a bakery. However, we were able to make one a few days after so that we could fully enjoy the cake. One of my favorite cake techniques is the fault line cake. This cake is especially unique because it uses fault lines to make an illusion as if the cake was opening and there was a surprise inside. This takes quite a bit of buttercream but it is worth it! (Also, for this article, I will just be decorating, not explaining my baking process)

For this design I used Russian Piping Tips which are a special type of tip that allows you to make fancy buttercream flowers. So, I got out all of my piping bags, tips, icing smoothers, and cake pans so that I could be prepared for decorating. Because we’ve had a lot of cake this week I am going to just make a mini cake which works just as well in this case, it will just be smaller. I was feeling like doing something on the lighter side for this one because it is now spring and I would like to bring out some of those flavors. So, I just used a recipe online for the cake batter which is a citrus cake based off of oranges and lemons.

 After I had taken the cakes out of the oven and cleaned them up a bit, it was time to start decorating! I started by taking a big scoop of buttercream and just kind of wiping it on the cake, not too messy but not too smoothed because I am trying to go for the geode type look which is more of an angled and natural design. When I was finished with the buttercream I placed thinly sliced oranges and lemons around the middle of the cake. I had to make sure to only get the middle though because that is the main focal point. I then covered it with a bit more buttercream so that the tops and bottoms of the slices were hidden, looking like it is a surprise. Next, I took my Russian piping tips and used different shades of orange and white to create nice flowers on the top. I continued this process until I was pleased with the outcome and it had a nice spring look.


When I was done decorating I carefully placed it on the cake holder that we have so it would be nicely displayed on our counter. This cake was delicious and definitely reminded me of spring! The flavors went perfectly together and the decorations were beautiful!