MLB Opening Week


Logan Bader, Writer

In the MLB this week, it has been opening week. I am going to give you the takeaways of the MLB from this whole week, covering the capacity of people to which teams look hot right now.

As you know, the MLB is allowing some fans but majority of the fans in the stands are still cardboard cutouts which is crazy to think. Although, Coors Field in Denver was allowing 42.6 percent capacity with 21,363 fans allowed in a 50,144 seat stadium. Coors Field is now hosting the MLB all star game which should be very cool as Atlanta was supposed to but is now scheduled to be in Denver!

If I could give a recap of Opening Week in Baseball, the hottest teams right now are the Dodgers, Padres, and Astros. We have seen so much just in the first few games and it has brought so much exciting times back to life just to be at the Ballpark.