World’s First Living Lung Transplant


Atticus Boian

A dying Covid-19 patient was said to receive the world’s first lung transplant from living donors. A team of 30 surgeons, nurses, and more took lung tissue from the patients living husband and son to then give to her. The women went into an 11-hour operation to try and replace the last of her lung tissue with healthy tissue.


Covid-19 has caused thousands of victims to have severe lung problems and some have already received lung transplants in an effort to recover. However, this is said to be the first in the world of lung transplants from live donors.


Dr. Hiroshi Date, the surgeon who led the operation says it gives hope to Covid-19 patients with severe lung problems.


The women, a citizen of Japan’s western region of Kansai, contracted the virus late last year and has been on life support for months with a machine that acted as an artificial lung. Covid had done so much damage to her lungs that she now couldn’t breathe on her own and needed a lung transplant to have any hope of surviving.


The women’s husband and son both offered to donate parts of their lungs and the hospital said it was a better options for survival. The son and husband both remain in stable condition and the women is still in intensive care after her transplant.


Lung transplants have been going on since mid 2020 for Covid 19 patients but with the first live transplant having taken place, it is a step forward towards health and safety for everyone.