How to Survive a Stressful Week at School


Itiah González, Writer

Sometimes, when it’s a busy week, it is easy to get stressed out and caught up in all of the activities and homework due dates. During these kinds of days or weeks, it is important to take care of yourself and make sure that you aren’t overworking. Some days you need to take a day off for you so that you can take care of your needs instead of tending to someone else’s. Below I will list a couple of things that I find helpful when I am feeling stressed and overwhelmed during the week.

Eat Well

When constantly working your brain and trying to solve problems, it is important to get enough protein and nutrients so that you can be full of energy and ready for any work to come. Not eating a full and nutritious meal can make it difficult to stay focused and will decrease your ability to be efficient and productive.

Sleep Enough

Although it might not seem like it, sleep is very important for brain development. Getting plenty of sleep will refresh your brain and even give you inspiration and ideas that you might not have thought of before. Even just taking a 20-minute power nap can help boost your brain.


It’s crucial not to forget the important role that exercise plays in a stress-free lifestyle. Getting your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes every day is a great way to fend off the anxieties that accompany a busy school week.

Fresh Air

Taking breaks in the fresh air is a great way to refresh your mind if you’ve been studying for a long time and need to get away for a minute. There’s something about getting up and walking away from what you’re doing, changing your scenery, that just relaxes and resets your brain for continued studying.


The last piece of advice that I have for getting through a busy school week is to plan out your days in advance. I find it helpful to write down everything that I have to do each day to keep me on track and motivated. This ensures that you turn everything in on time and also allows time for not only the things you have to do but also the things you want to do.

I hope this article gives you some good tips about how to deal with busy school weeks.