Extended Lock down in the Philippians


Parker Bazaz, Editor

In the Philippines due to a spike in corona virus case’s the government has extended the lock down another week. The corona virus has been overwhelming the hospitals in the capital and outer regions. They did this after daily infections broke 10,000. They also shifted Holy week and Easter events to online after all public gatherings were banned. 

They announced that some of the hospitals can no longer accept walk-in patients due to covid-19 patients taking up all of the capacity, and the emergency rooms were handling twice the capacity they usually handle. Outer region hospitals could expand capacity but they don’t have enough workers because many of them have been infected. 

Also, with the new variants of Corona virus, Duterte’s administration has increasingly faced criticisms of mishandling the pandemic. Most of the new cases are from the new variants. They are also adding 110 bed intensive care units in the hospital in the capital region. The testing area near the border city Myanmar has uncovered many other cases. They are working to vaccinate many residents in order to try and contain the outbreak, and build herd immunity. On April 2 2021, the daily cases skyrocketed up to 15,000. The day before on April 1, 2021 the daily cases were almost 9000. The total number of cases of corona virus so far in the Philippines is 813,000, with around 14,000 deaths.