Why Letting Phillip Lindsay Go was a Bad Decision


Ryan Dawson, Writer

Phillip Lindsay is a former Broncos running back, drafted during the 2018 NFL draft. He was the Broncos’ first string running back and performed pretty well during the seasons he played with the Broncos. However, during the 2020 offseason, the Broncos did not resign him, despite his good performances. This was seen as a bad move in the eyes of many Broncos fans, but some people claim that it was a great decision that will benefit our team in the long run.

The Broncos have not been good since their Super Bowl win in 2015, not making the playoffs ever since. These paltry performances have caused the Broncos to constantly change their lineup. Despite this, Phillip Lindsay has been one of their best players. In his rookie season, he scored 9 touchdowns, had a 5.4 average yards per play, and fumbled the ball 0 times. Compare this to our running back when we won the Super Bowl, C.J Anderson. Anderson had 5 Touchdowns that season, averaged 4.7 rushing yards per play, and fumbled the ball twice. This shows that Phillip Lindsay has been a crazy good Runningback since year one, was a better Runningback than the Broncos’ Super Bowl Runningback, and was one of the biggest assets to the Broncos team. This is why many people see losing him as a bad decision.

However, Phillip Lindsay is a very costly asset to the Broncos. His Rookie contract was a 3 year, 1,725,000 deal. After his great performance in these 3 years, the money he would need to stay surely would have gone up. His contract with the Houston Texans is a one-year, 2.25 million dollar deal. This means that the Broncos would have very little cap space if they decided to keep him. This is why some people argue that his leaving was a good choice for the Broncos in the long run.

While the Broncos did need to freeing up money to sign better players, losing one of your best is not the way to go about it. They could have just let go of other, worse players on the team. In my opinion, letting Phillip Lindsay leave the Broncos was a bad decision, even if it could have freed up cap space