Cargo Ship Dislodged from Suez Canal


Kai Hetherington, Writer

Authorities say that the Ever Given container ship was freed from the Suez Canal after blocking the trade route for a week, on Monday, March 29. After being able to get the stern of the boat unstuck, tugboats were able to get the rest of the huge ship free. The effort to dislodge the ship was international. Now that the ship is unstuck, many other ships can travel through the canal without blockage. After being unstuck, the ship is in now Bitter Lakes, said chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, Lt. Gen. Osama Rabie. The chairman also stated that they “will not allow it to leave before making sure that it is safe to sail” and will conduct an investigation to find out the cause the Ever Given getting stuck. 

Rabie has said that although the Canal was unblocked, the number of ships that were stuck behind the Ever Given is the problem and that “it could take three or three and a half days to end the congestion of ships.” On top of that, he has said that there were 422 ships just waiting to pass through the canal and will be able to come through based on whoever gets there first gets to go through first. Because 400 ships carrying valuable cargo are waiting to go through, and the average amount of ships that passed through a day were 80 to 90, the head of the Canel Authority said that they will work very hard to help ships pass through easily. But a big issue remains; only two convoys a day can get through. Even with that problem, companies are telling their customers that the wait will only be “6 days or more” based on the fact that it could change if more ships get through. \

As each day passed and the ship was still stuck, the operation had gotten more and more urgent because many global supply chains could have been impacted by not getting the cargo from ships. Although the intensity started to lower due to the fact the ship’s stern was freed.