Weekend School

Jo'Nelle Taylor, Writer

Weekend school! One of the worst things to hear when you are a kid, but some kids, need to hear it, loud and proud. Weekends are days that people usually don’t have work or school. Some people call it “the chill days.” Usually, kids don’t go to school on the weekend, but I think they should! Kids that aren’t doing good in class, or are just not acting right at all with other students, should be able to go to school on the weekend. 


Kids have a lot of things to learn still. Even when you are an adult, you still learn. Being in school could help them learn something that they were behind on or weren’t really understanding. Staying in the classroom could also help people who need extra support. Everyone is in different stages and levels in subjects and having the teacher be there with you, would help you guide threw.


If kids were able to go to school on Saturdays and Sundays, it leaves them more time to learn and continue to grow. It’s also a good strategy because some kids might not be at school one day, so they can go into the classroom on the weekend and the teacher could just reteach them the lesson, so they can be caught up with the class.  


There are also some downsides to this. Teachers work really hard and to reteach something to just one student is really hard, to fix this, there could be a list of kids who come, so the teacher can make the lesson shorter to where they can still learn what they need to learn. Also, since it’s the weekend and the only time you can relax, it might be hard for parents to get their kids to school because they want to relax for two days. Especially with time matters, kids and parents may be busy all day. 


There are many reasons why teachers should open weekend school and many reasons why they shouldn’t, but I think they should give it a shot and see if it works.