“Upside-Down Magic” Review


Perrin Swientisky, Writer

I have recently seen the movie “Upside-Down Magic” This movie is a mystical, family-friendly, adventure, and fantasy fiction movie. It can be found on Disney+ and Amazon Prime. 

“Upside-Down Magic” is about this girl named Nory who has a magical power. Nory and her best friend Reina (who also has a magical power) got into Sage Academy. They both were excited, but it wasn’t what they initially thought. Reina’s power is fire and Nory’s power is shapeshifting into any animal.  

Isabela Rose, as Nory (I think she did a good job and playing out the scenes. One of the main characters.) Reina Carvajal, as Reina (I think she also did a good job on playing out the evil and being Nory’s friend. One of the main characters.) Max Torina, as Andres (I think he did a good job as a UDM.) Kyle Howard, as Skriff (He did a good job as the UDM’s teacher and being his character. Also was funny. One of the main characters.) Alison Fernadez, as Pepper (She did a good job on the character, wasn’t my favorite.) Elie Samouhi, as Eliot (He was sometimes funny. He did a good job as also being a UDM with the fact that he made smoke.)

I recommend this movie to anyone who interested in magic, adventure, and fiction. I would give this movie a 4 1/2 out of a 5 because it is a really good movie, but it was the best. Perrin