Destyni Eichelberger, Writer


   “YES DAY” is a movie that came out on March 12th, 2021 that is about a mother that always said yes to everything before she had her 3 kids with her husband and her kid looked at her as a fun killer. 

        They didn’t like anything she did or said but then one day everything changed when she and her husband went to a parent-teacher conference and a teacher told them about a day where you say yes to everything your kids say for a day. She went through with it and for a day she said yes, but watch till the end to see if she went a whole day without saying no.

      The movie is produced by Jenifer Garner, Daniel Rappaport, Lawrence Frey, Ben Everard, Nicol King.  A familiar Actor might be Jenna Ortega who was in a lot of shows like “ Stuck in the middle”, “You” and “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”. The movie was filmed in  South Pasadena, California. And even the Famous singer “H.E.R.” was in the movie.