After School Hours 

After School Hours 

Katherine Essien, Writer

“Wake up, Mrs.Smith is coming back” Lia said 

“Fine” I replied as I sat up 

“Hello girls, I need you to help me clean the library” Mrs.Smith said 

“Why” I asked 

“Because your in detention and it will help the time go by” She replied 

“ok” I replied 

We all walked to the library in the basement, it was dusty and dirty and I really didn’t want to clean it up. 

“Ok girls, you guy dust off the books and ill start cleaning the desk” Mrs.Smith 

“OK” we replied 

We cleaned the books and it seemed like hours have gone by and Mrs.Smith always seemed to be on her phone even though cleaning the library was her job. 

“I’ll be back girls” Said Mrs.Smith 

“Where are you going” Lia asked 

“To get us some drinks” she replied

Before we could say another word she was gone. 

“It’s not fair for her to leave us here” Said Lia 

“I know, lets leave” I replied 

“We can’t we would get in trouble” she replied 

“Yes we can, we were supposed to be out of detention at 4pm and it’s already 4:30pm. I’m leaving and you should come” I said 

“Ok” she said in a shaky voice 

We went to the doors but they were locked and there were no windows, so we screamed for Mrs.Smith, again and again but we got no response which ment we were stuck unless someone came to the school during spring break which was highly unlikely.